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Chance pe dance

Chance Pe Dance

चांस पे डांस


I watched Chance pe dance , a Shahid Kapoor movie, and thought that it's as good a chance as any to find out what "pe" means.
says it means "on"

More on postpositions: 

Learn Hindi: Lecture 16 (Postpositions Part 1)  
This reviewer says that dance on chance implies seize the opportunity. 

He seems to have liked several movies that I love too.
Jab we met. This was my first Hindi movie and it remains the Number One Favorite. I've seen it so many times I can understand it without the subtitles.
Jaane Tu ya Jaane Na. Genelia D'Souza with Imran Khan.
Ladies vs Ricky Bahl and Band Baaja Baaraat

I may have to check out his other recommendations.

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Can't be so educational all the time

Can't be so educational all the time  so this is "simply stunning, sparkling and smooth":
Shahid Kapoor's performance at Videocon Awards 2010

I find it's pretty easy to follow these award shows because they're so predictable. Some of it is in English though so I can't take very much credit for my excellent Hindi...
IIFA Awards 2012 - Full Show - Segment I Shahid Kapoor and Farhan Akhtar hosting. Farhan Akhtar looks so different from his character in Karthik calling Karthik.

IIFA Awards 2012 - Full Show - Segment 2

IIFA Awards 2012 - Full Show - Segment 3

IIFA Awards 2012 - Full Show - Segment 4

Parineeti Chopra got a best newcomer award for her work in Ladies vs Ricky Bahl

One of the presenters was Mika Singh and it was nice to get a face to the voice.
He's sung several songs that are on my car CD. E.g he's the man behind
Hadippa, from Dil Bole Hadippa, and Mauja hi mauja from Jab we met. Incidentally, both are Shahid Kapoor movies.

Hadippa - The Remix Song - Dil Bole Hadippa 

Mauja Hi Mauja - Jab We Met (2007) *BluRay* - Full Song - Hindi Music Video

Zindagi Na milegi Doobara got a bunch of awards,  it's on my watch list but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Guess I should move it up the list.
IIFA Awards 2012 - Full Show - Segment 5

IIFA Awards 2012 - Full Show - Segment 6

IIFA Awards 2012 - Full Show - Segment 7

IIFA Awards 2012 - Full Show - Segment 8

IIFA Awards 2012 - Full Show - Segment 9

IIFA Awards 2012 - Full Show - Segment 10

IIFA Awards 2012 - Full Show - Segment 11

 IIFA Awards - Main Show - Segment 12
 They start out talking about Mera naam Joker, a film that lasted 5 hours and had 2 intermissions. I'm not sure my attention span would cover that.

Zee Cine Awards 2012 : Part 1 - 05-02-2012
Zee Cine Awards 2012 : Zee Cine Awards Part 2 05-02-2012
Shahid Kapoor performance at Filmfare Awards 2009 (Michael Jackson tribute)

Talking of Shahid Kapoor, I stumbled on his twitter and found out he's filming
with Ileana Cruz.

Raj Malhotra

 I thought I was confused and getting my character names all mixed up because I thought everybody was named Raj Malhotra but then I looked it up and there really seem to be a host of Bollywood characters named Raj Malhotra. Here are a few (there are more but I gave up)
Akshay Kumar in Andaaz (2003)
Akshay Kumar in Khiladi (1992)
Akshay Kumar in HMBPK (2002)
Akshay Kumar  in Aitraaz (2004)
Akshay Kumar as Raj Malhotra Govinda as Raj Malhotra Govinda as Raj Malhotra
Ajnabee  Bobby Deol as Raj Malhotra
Thank You Bobby Deol as Raj Malhotra
1996 Daraar  Rishi Kapoor as Raj Malhotra Priyanshu Chatterjee as Raj Malhotra
Salman Khan in CCCC(2001)
Salman Khan as Raja Malhotra (1997)
Amitabh Bachchan as Raj Malhotra  and Salman Khan as Alok Raj Malhotra
SRK as Raj Malhotra
2007 Heyy Babyy SRK as Raj Malhotra Special appearance in song "Mast Kalandar"

2000 Mohabbatein  SRK as Raj Aryan Malhotra
2008 Kismat Konnection Shahid Kapoor as Raj Malhotra
2006 36 China Town  Shahid Kapoor as Raj Malhotra

Miscellaneous links: Bright Hub of education

Learning Hindi Terms for Means of Transportation

Learning Hindi: When Love Is In the Air

Learning Hindi For Use During Train Travel
  • Where is the railway stationlocal ticket counter? - Railway station/Local ticket ka counter kahan hai?
  • I want to go to the railway station - Mujhe railway station jana hai
  • Where is the entrance to the railway station? - Railway station ke andar jane ke liye rasta kahan hai? /Railway station ka prawesh dwar kahan hai?
  • Where can I make out of town ticket reservations? -
  • Main bahar gaon ke liye ticket reservation kahan kar sakta hoon? (m.) Main bahar gaon ke liye ticket reservation kahan kar sakti hoon? (f.)
  • I want a sleeper coach/ first class AC ticket/window seat. - Mujhe sleeper coach/First Class AC ka ticket/window seat chahiye.
  • I want to book a coupe. - Mujhe coupe ka booking karna hai.
  • I want an upper/lower berth. - Mujhe uparwala/  nichaywala berth chahiye.

  • I want to get a monthly travel pass - Mujhe monthly pass nikalna hai.
  • I want tickets for two. - Mujha do ticket chahiye.
  • Where can I see the train schedules? -
  • Main train ka schedule kahan dekh sakta hoon? (m.) Main train ka schedule kahan dekh sakti hoon? (f.)
  • I would like to buy a train time table - Mujhe train ka time table kharidna hain.
  • I want to know if there is a train for XYZ today - XYZ ke liye train hain kya aaj?
  • What time does it come/leave? - Kitne baje aayegi/jayegi?
  • How much to carry my luggage, brother? - Saaman uthanay ka kitna, bhaiyya?
  • I will purchase my ticket through a vending machine -
  • Main mera ticket vending machine say kharid loonga (m.) Main mera ticket vending machine say kharid loongi (f.)
  • I like the food served at the railway canteen. The food here is very tasty. - Mujhe railway canteen main ka khana pasand hai. Yahan ka khana bahoot swadisht hain.
  • I'm going to have an espresso from the coffee stall. -
  • Main coffee stall say espresso lene wala hoon. (m.) Main coffee stall say espresso lene wali hoon. (f.)
  • I'm going to buy a magazine or a book to read on the train. -
  • Main train main padne ke liye magazine ya kitab kharidne wala hoon (m.) Main train main padne ke liye magazine ya kitab kharidne wali hoon (f.)
  • They often serve excellent meals on Indian Railways. - Bharatiya railway main aksar ekdum khas khana milta hain.
  • You can get vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food - Aapko shakahari aur uske vyatirikta masahari khana bhi mil sakta hain.
  • Here's my ticket. - Ye lo mera ticket.
  • Excuse me, I think this is my seat. - Maf karna, mujhe lagta hai yeh meri seat hai.
Learn to Speak Hindi: Visiting the Vegetable Market

Learning Useful Hindi Food and Dinner Vocabulary

Learning Hindi: "Taking a Bus Ride."

Learning Hindi Conversational Skills

Learning and Understanding Nouns in Hindi (Sangya)

Random expressions:
दिल्ली भारत की राजधानी है।   -  dilli bharat ki rajdhani hai  - Delhi is the capital of India.

सदा सच बोलो । sada sach bolo   -Always speak the truth. 

  1. hathi paani pe raha hai. (The elephant is drinking water.)
  2. ladke bageche main khel rahe hai.  (The boys are playing in the garden.)
  3. reena school ja rahi hai. (Reena is going to school.)
  4. chandi ek kimti dhatu hai. (Silver is an expensive metal.)
  5. mohan ek bahadur ladka hai.  (Mohan is a brave boy.)
  6. jungle mein bahut saare ped hai. (There are many trees in the jungle.)
  7. bhuk aadmi se kuch bhi karva sakti hai. (Hunger can make a man do anything.)
  8. sundarta dekhne vale ki nazar mein hoti hai. (Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. )

More videos

5 Basic Hindi Greetings 
Dhanyavaad =thank you
Phir milenge
Aap kaise hain?
Kripya =please

5 Hindi Phrases to Know When Renting an Apartment
Bedrooms kitne hain?
Bathrooms kitne hain?
Kya apartment dekhne ke liye khoola hai?
Iska rent kitna hai?
Iski lease kitni lambee hai?

That wasn't too hard, was it? the tough thing is to understand the answers...

5 Hindi Phrases to Know When at the Dentist
Mujhe toothache hai.
Mera daant toot gaya hai = I broke my tooth.
Mujhe check-up karwana hai. = I need a check.up
Iski cost kitni ki hai?
Mujhe appointment chahiye.

5 Hindi Phrases to Know When Visiting an Astrologer

 Not that I'm too likely to visit an astrologer any time soon.

Mera janam  __ko hua tha. =I was born on...
Aap kya dekh sakte hain? =what can you predict?
Kya meri shaadi hogee?
Mere paas kitna paisa hoga? How much money will I have?
Kya meri lambi umar hogi? Will I have a long life?

It seems like it would be the safest to predict a long life for everyone for those who die early aren't going to come back and complain.

5 Hindi Phrases to Know When Visiting a Gym
Gym ke timings kya hain?
Aap kaun si classes provide karte hain?
Kya yahan personal trainers hai?
Membership kitne ki hai?
One time visit ke kya rate hai?

5 Hindi Phrases to Know When Visiting a Park
In my life, I've never ever asked anybody where the park bench is so I'm going to skip that one.
Chalo, ghaas pe baithte hain. =Let's sit on the grass.
Dustbin kahan par hai?
Chalo yahan khelte hain. Let's play here.

5 Hindi Phrases to Know When Visiting a University
Admissions office kahan par hai?
Aap kaun se courses offer karte hain?
Kya aap certified hai?
Iss course ki fee kitni hai?
Kya aap hostel provide karte hai?

I dunno... but I think maybe if one needs to watch an online video to ask where the admissions office is one is not ready to take a Hindi university course.

5 Hindi Phrases to Know When at a Police Station
Kya yahan koi English bolta hai?
Mujhe custody mei kyu rakha hai?
Mujhe kab tak yahan rakha jaega?
Bail kitne kee hai?


Taal is a film with Aishwarya Raj, Akshaye Khanna and Anil Kapoor starring. Link to the lyrics of Ishq Bina and other songs from the film.

Watch Taal on Youtube

The film is nice although I still can't figure out why anybody thought that it would be a good idea to barge in anybody else's house at 7 am.

Amrish Puri who plays Akshay Khanna's father also acted in Dilwale Dulhanie Le Jayenge.
Alok Nath, Aishwarya Raj's father was also in Vivah and Mere Yaar ki Shaadi Hai, and both of them were in Pardes.

A couple of words:

मन्दिर mandir, temple

खा़मोश  khamosh, silent

असम्भव asambhav, impossible

Aap ki khatir

Aap ki khatir means "for your sake"
See the movie Aap ki khatir on Youtube
This is basically The Wedding Date in Hindi (the one with Dermot Mulroney and Debra Messing)
Starring Akshaye Khanna, Priyanka Chopra, Sunil Shetty, Anupam Kher as the father... (why does it seem that every other movie I watch has Anupam Kher as the father? Are they obliged by law to cast Anupam Kher?  Do they get freebies for casting him?)

A couple of words I looked up watching this:

बिलकुल   bilkul  adv. entirely, completely; quite.

हमेशा   hamesha, adv. Always, ever, continually, perpetually. hamesha kā, Eternal. 

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Useful videos for learning Devanagari

  Hindi Language vowels and consonants pronunciation key table

Hindi Vyanjan - Learn Consonant , Alphabet
Hindi Swar - Learn Vowels, Alphabet
Fliplog - Hindi Alphabets Consonants
Learn Hindi Barakhadi - Swar Vyanjan - Part 2 - Learn Series For Kids

How to Write & Speak Hindi Consonat Alphabets - Ka, Kha, Ga, Gha
Handwriting tips.
How to Write & Speak Hindi - Nepali Vowel Alphabets - A, Aa, I, Ee
  How to Write & Speak Hindi - Sounds - Ka, Kaa, Ki, Kee

Da ki Barahkhadi
Na ki Barahkhadi
Ba ki Barahkhadi
Ja ki Barahkhadi
Dha ki Barahkhadi
Learn Hindi : Tha ki Barahkhadi
Learn Hindi : Sha ki barahkhadi

My daughter's favorite cartoon in Hindi

The Winx Club:

Winx Club Hindi Song
Winx Club season 3 HINDI intro

More educational videos

 Here are some Youtube discoveries:
Learn Hindi : Means of transport
Learn Hindi : Names of vegetables
Learn Hindi : Fruits
There are photos of the fruit and veggies which is useful because I don't recognize some of them. After watching those you can understand at least some words of the following children's cartoon

Learn Hindi : Animal Names
Learn Hindi : Insect Names
Jua is lice and jugnu a firefly. Machchar is a mosquito and madhumakkhee is a bee. Kilnee is a tick and gojar a centipede. Jheengur is a grasshopper. Bichchu is a scorpion. Makkhee is a housefly. Chiuraa a dragonfly. Cheenti is an ant. Titli a butterfly. Makdee a spider. Tatiyaa a wasp.

Mind you, a biological note: spiders and scorpions aren't insects.
Learn Hindi : Parts of the body

Learn Hindi : Colors
Learn Hindi : Flowers
Gulaab is a rose. Nargis is a narcissus.

Let's Learn Hindi Vowels
Sing along Hindi Vowels with Pictures from Cheeni For Tots! 
Kids Learn Hindi Consonants Song - Vyanjan Geet
Learn Hindi - Most Used Expressions
Lesson 1: Learn Hindi Numbers 1 to 100 

I haven't watched these yet but there seems to be a lot of material here, in the Pictionary section and perhaps elsewhere as well

Toonmastieyf  Youtube Channel

Without You

I watched a movie called Tum Bin (Without You) (2001) which is a first effort for many of the people behind it.
Watch it on Youtube

The plot is challenging, the male lead gets introduced to us as a hit-and-run driver and needs to redeem himself. He gets to know the victim's family and of course he falls in love.

I'm happy to report that I caught a Hindi word here and there. Even some expressions that I previously blogged about.. They say several times that "Sab theek ho jayega"  सब कुछ ठीक हो जाएगा   and a comic relief minor character (I'm not sure what he's doing there) is "Kambakkht" when someone tells him he's an idiot.

Another way of saying "Without you" is "Bin tere"
Bin tere with Lyrics
Video from the movie I Hate Luv Storys featuring Imran Khan and Sonam Kapoor
Bin Tere unplugged with lyrics

Not really sure about the grammar there, why is there "tere" in the other title and "tum" in the other. And is the order of the words interchangeable? I'll have to find out.

Another nice song called Tere Bin

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Shah Rukh Khan famous dialogues

Some of Shah Rukh Khan's famous dialogues.

I recognize the DDLJ quotes (I think): 

Bade bade deshon mein aise choti choti baatein hoti rehti hai Senorita…”

He repeats the line, in big places such small things keep happening.
The video is here:

The other quote from DDLJ is from the coffee scene after they visit the church:

“Mujhe chahiye ek aisi ladki jisse dekhte hi dilki har aarzoo, saare khwaab, saare rang zinda ho jaaye. Abhi aisa hua nahi, lekin ab lagta hai jaise koi andekha anjaana chehra baadalon mein se pukaar raha hain pata nahi ye baadal kab hattenge, aur kab woh pukaarnewaali saamne aayegi. Kya tumhare saath aisa kabhi nahi huwa Senorita?”

Talking about the kind of girl he wants to find. I don't think he actually says "mujhe chahiye" in the movie, it starts from Ek aisi ladki. He's saying once he sees this girl all his heart's desires come alive. It's never happened but he hears a voice from behind the clouds. She's a  stranger and he's waiting for the clouds to part. Then  he asks her if it's ever happened to her.
The scene is here:

The first part of the film:

Another scene from DDLJ

Terrace scene

Deleted scenes

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

I'm watching an old Salman Khan movie हम दिल दे चुके सनम (I Have Already Given My Heart, Darling) and I learned a new word:

गाना [gaana] to sing

The father of the family tells him, "Gaao!"

संगीत [sangeet] music

ज्ञान (gyan) wisdom

In the first 30 minutes it's a romantic comedy in the making,  there has already been a little of everything: a handsome stranger annoys the heroine, arrives, gets soaking wet, informs the heroine within two minutes of meeting her that she'll fall in love, prances around wearing only a towel, gets fooled, sings, farts... Then it quickly turns a bit disturbing because the whole idea of forcing a (violent) marriage on an unwilling woman and talking about it as being the right thing to do troubles me.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sab theek ho jayega

Sab theek ho jayega
sab kuch theek ho jayega
=everything will be all right

सब कुछ ठीक हो जाएगा 

Aamir Khan TV show

The Satyamev Jayate talk show hosted by Aamir Khan looks interesting but I don't understand enough Hindi yet. Maybe some day.

Edit 12.12.12.

Found links with subtitles:
Episode 1
Episode 3
Episode 4 

Karva Chauth

I recently watched two SRK movies, Dilwale Dulhanie Le Jayenge and Yes Boss and in both of them the women celebrate Karva Chauth. I didn't know what it is so I looked it up.
Married Hindu women fast on the fourth day after the full moon, in the Hindu lunisolar calendar month of Kartik, and it's supposed to bring good luck for their husbands. Unmarried women may do it for the benefit of their intended. Fasting begins at dawn and ends at moonrise. There is socializing among the women during the day and a women-only ceremony during the fast. After the moonrise
women view its reflection in a vessel filled with water, through a sieve, or through a cloth, offer the moon water for blessings and view their husbands  also indirectly. The husband breaks the woman's fast with her and may give her gifts. These days it has become commercialized and some are against it because they see it as an outdated instrument of social control directed at women. Fasting is not part of the Sikh tradition.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

SRK and Shahid Kapoor hosting an award show

This is not exactly new news, it's an award show from 2011 with Shah Rukh Khan
and Shahid Kapoor  bantering. I actually did understand some words here and there. (OK, so they speak some English there and there are subtitles...)
 Shahid is one of the most responsible superstars there is.

 Shahrukh Khan & Shahid Kapoor- Star Screen Awards 2011

 A Salwar is...

A word from Asha-ji's speech: 


man̄zil -destination

Part 2 of the show

Part 3 of the show 

Part 4 of the show 

Sonakshi Sinha's Dabangg quote:
Thappad se dar nahi lagta saab, pyaar se lagta hai.
I am not afraid of getting slapped but afraid of getting loved.


 I didn't know that Ranveer Singh from Band Baaja Baaraat (I posted Ainvayi before) got an award for the most promising newcomer. Even the director got an award for being the most promising debut director.

He's doing a Kaminey impression. 
They're also talking to the director of Kaminey. Not sure but I think they're talking about why the title of the film is not "damned dog". Or something. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Lakh and crore

A song from the movie Kambakkht Ishq

I don't know what Lakh means in the context of this song but I've seen it many times in relation to money and have been meaning to look it up. It means 100 000.

Crore is ten million.

The movie was silly and funny but oh my gosh, they did some strange, stoopid surgery in there. Kareena Kapoor does her first surgery as a real qualified surgeon on Akshay Kumar who has ruptured his intestines, and he talks while they're cutting him up. She enters the operation theatre wearing jewelry, big rings and a watch. In the next frame she's wearing gloves, but apparently didn't have time to properly sterilize her hands. Cut and suddenly she's there without gloves and wearing her rings again. No wonder he ends up ringing after the surgery. They must do things very differently in that hospital :)

Why is it that in Indian movies whenever someone gets jilted at their wedding they are so cool and noble and generally okay about it? They hardly even seem upset.

Bebo song:
Om mangalam

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Learning Devanagari म -m and भ -bh

I'll never ever learn these...

But I can probably handle learning two letters at the time:

म  -m

मोहब्बत mōhabbat -love

मंगलवार maṅgalvār -Tuesday

मंत्र   mantra

मई ma'ī  - May

मग mag -mug

मगर magar -but, though, crocodile

मत mat - not (has many other meanings)

मधु  madhu - honey

मेरा -mērā -mine, my

Ma ki Barahkhadi  


भाई bhā'ī -brother

भागना bhāganā -take off, run away

भी bhī  -also, besides, anyway, even, either, as well



Saturday, November 3, 2012

Tu Jaane Na

Another favorite song: Tu Jaane Na (You  don't know from the movie Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani starring Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. The singer is Atif Aslam.

Tera  Hone Laga Hoon

Ek Mohabbat

Here's another lovely song, the Taj Mahal Anthem, by AR. Rahman:

Mausam aate hai hai
sadiyan aati jati hai
Kuch cheeze reh jati hai yaad mein
Woh din woh raat kahan hai
Raajoandaz kahan hai
Nagmein hai aaj sada ke saaat mein
Koi kehta hai
Jeene ka maqsad yahan
Inayat hai
Koi kehta hai
Jeene ka maqsad yahan
Do raatan hai
Tujhse jo koi yeh poche
Kyun na kahun zindagi ki karamat
Mohabbat mein hai

Jhoom jhoom tananana
 Ek sada dil hai
Jhoom jhoom tanana
Ek sada rab hai
Jhoom jhoom tanana
 Ek Mohabbat hai

Radha Krishna Mohabbat
Adam hauaa ki mohabbat
Heer aur Ranjha ki mohabbat
Ek hai..
Shah Jahan Mumtaj ki mohabbat
Laila Majnu i mohabbat
Teri aur meri mohabbat
Ek Hai
Deewane mohabbat ke hai jo
Hai unko phela salam
Tohfa mohabbat ka hai jo
Har dil ka usko salam

 Someone translated the lyrics:

It's about all these great couples and what an awesome love they had.

I don't know what's so great about Adam and Eve though.... They basically got together because there was nobody else available, then they became homeless, had some kids, one of their sons murdered another... I don't see them being that happy at all.

Ek mohabbat= one love.

Here are the rest of the numbers 1-10
One (1) एक (१) ēk
Two (2) दो (२) do
Three (3) तीन (३) tīn
Four (4) चार (४) chār
Five (5) पांच (५) pānch
Six (6) छः (६) chaḥ
Seven (7) सात (७) sāat
Eight (8) आठ (८) āaṭ
Nine (9) नौ (९) nau
Ten (10) दस (१०) das

Ainvayi Ainvayi

I don't really catch much of the words of the song, even with the subtitles but maybe it can be my learning goal some day. I think this is a brilliant song, can't help but feel like dancing. It's from the movie Band Baaja Baaraat which I liked because it was so colorful and  visual. The plot could have been better but stick a song like this in your movie and I'm going to like it  just for the music ;)
Apparently the movie title means Bands Horns and Revelry.

The video with English subs and movie imagery:

Video with Hindi lyrics: 

Another version
A link discussing the translation. Apparently Ainvayi is a Punjabi word that means "just like that, without any reason". Lut gaya = lost

Ishq Risk

Ishq risk, another song from the movie Mere brother ki dulhan

There is another example of the oblique case here.
badle yeh dilon ke faisle
it changes the decisions of hearts
In the plural oblique case you add -on औं
dil+on ->dilon

Masculine words ending -aa
larkaa ( -> larke
larke (m. pl) -> larkon
Masculine words ending otherwise: 
palang ( -> palang (no change)
palang ( -> palangon

Feminine words ending -ee
caabee ( -> caabee (no change)
caabiyaan ( ->caabiyon

Feminine words ending otherwise
kitaab ( -> kitaab
kitaaben ( --> kitaabon

अजब ajab =strange

सिखना sikhanā = educate

फैसला (m) phaisalā  =decision

बदलना badalanā =change


Mere Brother Ki Dulhan

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan is a comedy starring Imran Khan, Katrina Kaif and Ali Zafar. The title means "My Brother's Bride" which should give you an idea of what the story is about.

It's a funny film but the reason I brought it up today is because I was wondering why the title says Mere Brother and not Mera Brother, brother being a masculine word.

Apparently  the postposition ki requires that the preceding noun is in the oblique case.

Video of the title song of the film:
Lyrics here:

Here is a video version with the lyrics and English subtitles embedded:

I find myself learning quite a lot from songs and even if not I like the song :)

Video with other songs from the movie: