Monday, May 27, 2013

Aashiqui 2

Here are a couple of videos with songs from the movie Aashiqui 2. I haven't seen it but I love the soundtrack, and some of the lyrics are quite easy.

The trailer

Sunn Raha Hai is my favorite song  on the album.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dil ne jise apna kahaa

    दिल ने जिसे अपना कहा   

 Another day, another movie. Dil ne se jise apna kahaa is a Salman Khan starrer with Preity Zinta and Bhoumika Chawla in female lead roles. In short, it's a story about love and loss and loving again. The first hour of the movie with Preity Zinta is the best part I think. It's a very sweet love story, some might think too sweet. They're a young couple in love and really cute together.  The second part requires you to suspend some disbelief and it doesn't work as well. It's even a little creepy as it is not clear that the second woman is loved for herself and not just because a part of the first woman lives in her.

The medical parts of the story are not the least bit believable to me. I think her doctors basically killed her. She's bleeding internally and they're saying that they have to wait for the bleeding to stop before they can operate her. Whadda heck? Don't you usually operate to try and stop the internal bleeding? The way they defibrillate looks very odd as well. Let me tell you that I wouldn't let those doctors perform a heart transplant operation. But they did a great job as it left no apparent scar:


भूमिका चावला

सलमान ख़ान

प्रीति ज़िंटा

Saturday, May 4, 2013

U R MY Jaan

I'm watching this movie now and one hour in I don't really like it. I think the main characters are supposed to fall madly in love in the end but I've no idea why, I don't like either one. Hoping it will get better because they talk really clearly and I like the fact that I'm able to understand them some of the time.

EDIT: I've now finished watching the film although it took several attempts. I kept pausing and it didn't turn out to be much to my liking. I liked some of the camera angles and the  colorful wedding scenes visually (those are my favorites in Indian movies I think, the bride and the setting and everything is decked out so pretty) but the plot was um-hum. There's this girl who wants to be a big movie star and she travels to a big city against her parents will to attend an audition, only it got canceled and as she whines and complains a slimy agent arranges her an audition with even slimier movie producers and eventually pimps her out to a ruthless off-seas billionaire visiting India. Nothing like THAT happens, because of course she's a good girl and besides, he's got a girlfriend and she's engaged... he just flashes his money around and she gives her the talk that money does not make one happy and Indian girls are better than foreign girls which, naturally, changes his ruthless character and makes him a better person. I couldn't have guessed that it was about to happen...

 The film doesn't say whether he ever officially broke up with his girlfriend and as for her fiance, well, not to spoil anything but a word of advice to any young brides: Running off from your own wedding with a smugly gesturing billionaire without a word to your groom is just about the lousiest thing you can do to someone you agreed to marry, perhaps second only to actually marrying him and making his life living hell.

A romantic comedy does not work too well if in the end you liked the guy who got dumped a lot better.

Here's a review: 

The trailer: 

Do you think these people look like they are in love?

Yeh Dil Maange More - Superhit Comedy Hindi Stage Play

This seems fun. I only understand something here and there for now since there are no subtitles.