Friday, June 28, 2013

Waise bhi perfection ko improve karna mushkil hota hai

I have now watched Dil Chahta Hai often enough (fastforwarding through some scenes) that I'm starting to be able to understand parts of it without the subtitles. I am already there with Jab We Met. I sometimes have one of these movies running in a small window in the top left corner of my screen while I'm doing something else on the computer, working under the assumption that hearing a lot of the language would tune the ear to the intonation and make it easier to distinguish the sounds and the words. Maybe I should pick some other films though, I don't want to get bored sick of my favorites. But I'm weird that way, I have some comfort films that I've been known to watch  tons of times and these two are joining the select group.You just can't improve on perfection. Another new fave is Three idiots. And I love Taare Zameen Par.

You can't go wrong with Aamir Khan? I'll have to find out, I have several of his movies on my watch list.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Thursday, June 13, 2013

My favorite house cleaning soundtrack

This is my favorite background music for cleaning the house. I wouldn't normally be caught listening to annoying jingles like this outside of my Bollywood obsession but somehow it's okay when the songs evoke images of Salman Khan and Karishma Kapoor performing silly dances. The songs make me walk faster and the work seems to go quicker too.

Guzaarish from Ghajini

One of my favorite AR Rahman songs and what a gorgeous video.

piano chords

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Dinka Chika

A video song from Salman Khan's film Ready:

The song is repetitive but I love the set. It's so colorful.

OMGing at the dance moves. That's all I've got to say about it... :)

Falak Tak Chal Saath

Not to be confused with the singer in the previous post, here's a catchy song I came across while searching for Falak songs.

The lyrics and translation:

Falak songs

Falak Shabir is a Pakistani singer.  I really like some of his songs.

Falak Ijazat Full Official Video Song
Falak Soniye Full Official Video Song
 I Me Aur Main Full Video Song Saajna (Unplugged) Feat.Falak
His song Mera Mann is included in the Nautanki Saala jukeboxes in my previous post.

Falak Mujh Main Hai Tu OFFICIAL VIDEO HD

Falak: Judai Unplugged [Lyrics with English Translation]

Tera saath ho

Nautanki Saala songs

Sadi Gali Aaja

Lyrica and translation

Another link that seems to be a similar translation

Nautanki Saala songs jukebox on Youtube

Nautanki Saala songs jukebox on Youtube part 2

Nautanki Saala Official Theatrical Trailer

What Nautanki Saala means

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Jiah Khan committed suicide

Sad news:
Actress Jiah Khan died.

Jiah Khan (Nafisa Khan) (20 February 1988 – 3 June 2013), was a British-Indian actress who debuted as a chld  in 1998  in Dil Se....   She acted with Amitab Bachchan in

 Nishabd (2007) निशब्द

Ghajini (2008) गजनी

 Housefull (2010) हॉउस फुल

Monday, June 3, 2013

Useful page

 Here's another useful page

There is a vocabulary building tool and podcasts with some useful vocabulary and some delightfully random sentences.

For example, I have never had occasion to utter the following thoughts in any language. But you never know when knowing them might prove useful :)

एक हाथी ने उसे पैरों तले (under) रौंद (trampled) दिया । (Ek haathee ney use pairon taley raund diya.)  An elephant trampled him under the feet.

This might be a more common accident in India  but it's not going to happen anywhere near me.

 लाश ( dead-body) को मिट्टी ( soil) से ढक (cover) दो ।
(Laash ko mittee se dhak do.)
Cover the dead body with the soil.

If I ever have to get rid of a body on the sly I'll know what to say.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lootera songs

Songs from Ranveer Singh's new movie:
(he's the guy from Band Baaja Baaraat and Ladies against Ricky Bahl)
Apparently it's a period piece and he's said to  have attended workshops to learn to emote with his eyes. 

If you understand this song you will understand at least 50 % of all the other Bollywood songs out there

I am only slightly exaggerating. This song has all the clichees and all the vocabulary that comes up over and over again in filmi love songs

Jab se tumhe main dekha sanam
Since I have seen you, my love

Meri aankhon mein tum h
You are in my eyes

Meri neendon mein tum
You are in my sleep

Mere khwaabon mein tum
You are in my dreams

Jab se tumhe main jaanaa, sanam
Since I have known you my love

Meri dhadkan mein sanam
My love is in my heartbeats

Meri saanson mein tum
You are in my breath

Meri yaadon mein tum
You are in my memories

Mere khayalon mein thi kab apsaara ya pari
When was there a fairy or angel in my dreams

Chaahat thi jiski mujhe tum to ho bilkul vahi
I wanted just this one

Jab se tumhe main chaaha sanam
Since I have loved you, my love

Mere geeton mein tum
You are in my songs

Meri baaton mein tum
You are in my talks

Meri raaton mein tum
You are in my nights 

Tum ho mohabbat meri
You are my love

tum meri deewangi
you are my madness

Mere siva ab tumhein koi bhi dekhe nahin
Now let no one see you except me

Jab se tumhe main socha sanam
Since I thought of you, my love

Meri chaahon mein tum
You are in my desires

Meri raahon mein tum
You are in my paths

Meri baahon mein tum
You are in my arms